Do you have any idea from the title of this blog what I’m about to talk about ūüôā¬† Everyone loves charm bracelets, well that is most females do…LOL¬† That’s exactly what this blog is about, charm bracelets created with uniqueness from Creations by DreamLady.

I’ve been creating unique jewelry pieces for about six years now and over those years, I have acquired many extra charms and dangles from bead purchases that I just didn’t know what to do with.¬† I’d see beads that I wanted or needed for a braided bracelet or a guitar string bangle but those stains of beads that I just purchased also came with charms, that at the time I really didn’t need or know what to do with.¬† But of course, I bought the strain anyway and would just toss the charms in a container and push to the side.¬† Well after awhile, that container was overflowing and I knew I need to come up with something that I could use them on.¬† That’s when it hit me…a charm bracelet collection!!¬† And “Just Charming” came to life.

So for you ladies that have lots of extra charms & dangles just laying around…and you have no idea what in the world you’re going to do with them …well go buy you an expensive rope bracelet, a few charm holders and voila…you have a beautiful piece of jewelry with all your keepsakes and memories to wear and show off to your friends.



Music brings joy to a lot of people…when you’re feeling down & out, sometimes just hearing that right song, makes you perk up. ¬†We all have different taste in music but it’s the end result that makes us all the same. ¬†Creations by DreamLady started creating unique pieces of jewelry from¬†old guitar strings¬†about a year ago.¬†I started out with bangles…now I have added to my collection… guitar string rings and earrings. ¬†Using various size strings, bangles are created with gemstones and other decorative beads & charms. ¬†Now I have matching rings and earrings for some of my bangle creations, which completes a beautiful assemble.

So I look at it like this…I have given those old guitar strings a second chance to bring joy and beautiful to someone, just in a different way. ¬†This time instead of making beautiful music, they are making beautiful creations that can last for a life time.

Keep playing and keep living.






Dream catchers are one of the most fascinating traditions of Native Americans. The traditional dream catcher was intended to protect the sleeping individual from negative dreams, while letting positive dreams through. The positive dreams would slip through the hole in the center of the dream catcher, and glide down the feathers to the sleeping person below. The negative dreams would get caught up in the web, and expire when the first rays of the sun struck them.

The dream catcher has been a part of Native American culture for generations. One element of Native American dream catcher relates to the tradition of the hoop. Some Native Americans of North America held the hoop in the highest esteem, because it symbolized strength and unity. Many symbols started around the hoop, and one of these symbols is the dream catcher.

My dream catcher¬†bracelets¬†are made from start to finish completely by hand. ¬†I wrap the metal ring with satin cord, design the web with 26 gauge wire, add the bead in the middle of the web and then the final touch is a charm. The band is completely hand braided with satin cord with a slip knot for adjusting to the perfect fit. Everything is original and made with 100% love from Creations by DreamLady. ¬†And just to let you know, if you prefer a custom made bracelet, just send me an email at creationsbydreamlady@yahoo.com with a complete description of what you would like, I’ll be happy to create something just for you.¬†

Sweet Dreams,


DREAMCATCHERTURQ18 DreamCatcherSeaTurtle20 DreamCatcherPeaceSign20 DreamCatcherCM.25.10 DreamCatcherBlkMusicClef18 DreamCatcherBlkMusicClef1.20 DreamCatcherBlkAngelWing18 DreamCatcherPeace20 DreamCatcherMotorcycle20 DreamCatcherHorseshoe20 DreamCatcherHalfMoon20 DreamCatcherCowboyHat20 DreamCatcherButterfly20 DreamCatcherStarfish20

For the love of music and those that enjoy playing a guitar. ¬†Whether you’re an advance player or just a beginner, the love you have for that instrument is the envy of many. ¬†I, personally, grew up playing the piano but my brother…well he was the musical genus in the family. ¬†He could pick up anything and play it…the saxophone, piano and yes, the guitar. ¬†Playing an instrument of any kind and creating beautiful music is a gift…to some it comes so easy and to others, it takes years of practice but in the end, it gives enjoyment to so many. I saw a quote the other day, “Music is What Feelings Sound Like”…how true this is.

With the above in mind, I have a lot of friends that play the guitar and being the creative mind I am, I asked several what they did with their strings when they changed them out. ¬†To my disbelief, they said they just discard them…throw them away, there’s no use for them…little did they know!! ¬†Well I asked several to start saving those old strings for me…told them, “I think I can put them to good use”. ¬†I got my first box of old guitar strings almost a year ago…not quite sure yet just how I was going to make this work but with determination and a “dreamer’s mind”…things just fell in place.

I took that box of strings, went through and pulled what I thought I could use, sterilized them and cleaned them up…and now I have a whole new line of recycled guitar string jewelry….from bangles, to rings, to earrings…and my fans love them!! I go to music festivals and craft fairs selling my jewelry and the response from my guitar collection is overwhelming…people just love it.

So to my fans and followers, remember those things that you see have no use for you anymore, may just be the perfect thing for someone else. ¬†You know the old saying “What’s one person’s junk, is another person’s treasurer” …well that old saying does hold a lot of truth!!


















Happy Treasurer Hunting


Everyone is heart conscious these days…and so is Creations by DreamLady.  The “heart” represents our life, soul and well being.  We protect our heart because fear of it being broken or deeply hurt but if we guard it too close, we will never know true love.  We have to open our hearts to grow and reap what life is all about.  It may get broken a few times along the way but it does mend and it allows us to feel even deeper the next time around.  The heart is an amazing instrument …so love long and love deep like there’s no tomorrow!

Creations by DreamLady created a special collection just for those of you that love heart jewelry…beautiful braided heart theme bracelets…each a like but also different in its own way.

And remember, you can find all my bracelet collections on Facebook, so stop by my fan page and take a look!!

EnternalLove20 ForeverYours25 ForTheLoveOfMusic29 HeartsonFire 26 In to the Night 24 Juliet 25 KindHeart40 Kiwi32 LongingFor38 LoveLong20 LoveStruck30 LoveTheSimpleThings20 MyMajesticLove33 PSILoveYou28 PureLove25 RedHot20 SweetAsSugar45 SweetLittleNothings20 Sweetness2 TheGift454 TwoHeartsOneSoul20


I’m baaaaack!!!  Haven’t blogged in a very, very long time but I’m here now…LOL

There’s been so much happening, I don’t know where to start…so I think I’ll just pull a ticket from the  hat and go with it.  Guess who won…the men.  Men love jewelry too but  not nearly as much as we do…and most don’t like a lot of “bling” or flashy stuff and not a lot are fond of the braided bracelets I make with the slip knot because of the drawstrings.  Think most of them think it’s too “girlie” ūüôā   So with that in mind, Creations by DreamLady found something for the man in your life that is more masculine…stainless steel.  And no, I didn’t make them but I did find some great bracelets with great prices.

So don’t leave your man out when you’re shopping for jewelry because they like it too!! Stop by my fan page on Facebook and pick your man a bracelet out today.

StainlessStealChain25 StainlessStealLink25 StainlessStealStripe25 StainlessSteelH20 StainlessSteelRubberCrisCross20 StainlessSteelRubberCross20



My Etsy shop is open and ready for the holidays…why not stop by and make your selection(s) now.¬† Let me do all the foot work for you…beautiful handmade braided bracelets.¬† Most all my bracelets are one-of-a-kind just waiting for you…something for all the special people on your shopping list!!

And right now in the month of November, you receive free shipping if you purchase from my Etsy shop!!¬† Just use coupon code NOVFREESHIPPING at check out and that’s it.¬† This coupon is valid on U.S. orders only, sorry no international orders and can only be used on Etsy.

So copy and paste my Esty link http://www.etsy.com/shop/CreationsbyDreamLady?ref=si_shop and start shopping TODAY!!¬† Only a few weeks left in November, so don’t put off any longer….stop by and start marking those gifts off your list now!!



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